Examples of 3D interior design infographics

The interior design industry is finding arch viz a hugely powerful tool for streamlining and perfecting its design processes, as well as for showing creations to clients. At Factoría 5 we've been working with large internationally renowned interior design studios for years and we’re seeing...

software para realidad virtual

Top software for Virtual Reality in architecture

We often get the impression that VR technology, which has been much deliberated in the past few years, has yet to become an accessible, useful and practical product in our everyday lives. However, there is an industry, with the permission of the video gaming sector,...

what is photorealism in architecture

What is photorealism?

Photorealism consists of replicating a photograph as faithfully as possible with images generated, on the whole, by computers. The key point isn't so much in simulating what the human eye sees but in reproducing how a traditional photo conveys reality (which is exactly what the...

man experimenteng virtual tour

What is a virtual tour

A virtual tour is basically the full visualisation of a location using a technological device such a mobile, a computer or a virtual reality headset. In our field, it's also called a walkthrough. A virtual tour, technically, is a series of 360-degree images that you can...

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