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The objective of the website of factoria5.com is to provide information about the company, its activities and the services it offers the general public. factoria5.com reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to make changes to the information contained on its website.
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Terms of Use

factoria5.com is an internet website designed to show the company’s projects and to publicize the services it offers in relation to Architectural Visualization to potential clients.

Access and/or use of the factoria5.com website by any person confers on them the condition of user, signifying they accept, by accessing and/or using the website the general conditions and terms of use as set out here. Without exception, the user takes full responsibility for their use of the website.

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factoria5.com, in compliance with the Spanish Law 15/1999, referring to Personal Data Protection (LOPD) and similar legislation for software development, guarantees the safety and confidentiality of the data supplied by its users.

factoria5.com cannot accept any responsibility related to the connection.

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The user must accept the terms of the Licence Agreement, should there be one, which accompanies the software downloaded from this website before installing and using it.

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Factoría 5 reserves the right to effectuate, in any given moment and without giving prior notice, modifications and updates to information contained on the website of factoria5.com or to its configuration and presentation.

Factoría 5 reserves the right to cancel the services of the website factoria5.com without giving prior notice, and it does make any guarantees that access to the web or its content shall be error free. Nor does it ensure that all of the information is up to date, despite going to every effort to avoid any error in this regard should they occur and to correct and update the information should errors be detected.

Responsility of Web Content

factoria5.com accepts no responsibility derived from the incorrect use of its content and it reserves the right to temporarily or permanently update, remove, limit or prevent it being accessed at any time.

factoria5.com accepts no responsibility for any information not contained on its website and therefore not produced by factoria5.com or published under its name.

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Intellectual Property

The Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights of the website factoría5.com and of the various elements it contains are owned by Factoría 5. The aforesaid company has the exclusive rights to exploit those elements in any form it wishes, though in particular, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

Conditions for Partial Reproduction

Requests for partial reproduction must be applied for in writing previously, with proof of date, to factoria5.com, and will only be permitted when the applicant receives certified permission in writing from the company for said partial reproduction.

When a third party wishes to expressly quote information contained on the website, they must first ask for it to be confirmed by Factoría5

This may only be permitted when the objective is to share this information and not for a commercial purpose or for any other than individual or private use.

No content of this website may be modified in any way by third parties.

Responsibility for Safety

factoria5.com cannot be held responsible for possible safety errors which may arise from using earlier versions of browsers, or for any consequences that may arise from browser errors, whether they be due to inadequate configuration, the existence of computer viruses or any other cause not related to factoria5.com

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

factoria5.com pledges to keep the data of its clients, users and visitors confidential and to comply with all prevailing legal regulations in this respect.

In compliance with Law 15/1999, of the 13 december, regarding Personal Data Protection, we inform our users that the data we request in the online form on our website, via email or any other similar medium will be included in a computer database with the purpose of responding to requests, managing commercial contacts and facilitating information of interest to our users about Factoría 5’s services and products.

Users may exercise their right to access, rectify and remove their data, as well as to unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive information from our company, by contacting us to this effect via the online contact form (http://www.factoria5.es/contact-us/ or by writing to us regarding the matter in question at f5@factoria5.com)